Retirement on the horizon

Many of you will know or have met Bill Walker.

Bill founded Doras Hardware in 2003 from his garage to present day as he leaves a combined company of over 20 employees. We have taken time today to get his thoughts on the last 19 years. He remarked “What sticks out the most are the inspiring people I have met over the years. My Customers, my Colleagues and Suppliers, which I sincerely thank, especially the support from Suppliers particularly in the early days, which made it all happen. My career path has taken me throughout the UK , Ireland, the Far East and the Middle East”.

He will retire from his full-time role at the end of this year and has recently been co-steering the soft takeover of Doras Hardware by JP Hardware Ltd, with Arun Kulkarni their main Director. Arun and JP Hardware Ltd have been heavily involved for some time now, providing warehouse, back of house support, administration and staffing expertise along with logistics. Bill explained “This soft transition was deployed to fully integrate staff to ensure service levels and client expectations remain unchanged”.

Taking the reins now is Simon Jenkins, along with Arun as they take over the day-to-day role of running Doras Hardware. Bill will be kept on as a consultant for the new entity and he will be popping up to help, as required.

He added that he looks to spend his retirement, well-earned he added, brushing up on his hobbies and sharing his time split between the UK and Ireland.