Our Services – Overview

To enable you to build the right architectural hardware into your building design, we would like to introduce you to our complimentary ‘Product Specification Service’, in four easy steps:

Step 1: Design

We are staunch advocates of good design, so at this design stage, it is imperative to fit the client’s brief meet and exceed their aspirations. Their building will need to have easy-to-use products that comply to current building and fire regulations on budget and aesthetically pleasing.

Step 2: Research

With that brief we carefully research the requirements of each buildings range and scope of its end users, and tailor the specification to meet their daily needs, and always assuring the fire protection and overall ease of access, egress so as to cover their security and personal safety. 

“People don’t use a product because of its great design; great design helps them use the product”

Step 3: Getting it right

Please feel free to check out our ranges of product, we look forward to hearing from you. We are able to meet with you on Zoom/Teams or personally in your office. Complimentary mood boards can also be provided.

Step 4: Scheduling

We will schedule the hardware door by door, and include doors and access control too, as you require giving a costed combined offer. We ‘dovetail’ our element with site and all providers as to call-off and door packing as your project team and their supply chain demand.

For more details please contact us or email your project with a simple “brief” and GA drawings, one of our team can be in touch today.