Our Services – we are here for you

For Architects & Interior Designers

We are staunch advocates of good design. At the design stage, it is imperative to fit the client’s brief meet and exceed their aspirations. Their building will need to have easy-to-use products that comply to current building and fire regulations on budget and aesthetically pleasing. With your brief we will carefully research the requirements of each buildings range and scope of its end users, and tailor the specification to meet their daily needs, and always assuring the fire protection and overall ease of access, egress to cover their security and personal safety. We then provide a detailed hardware schedule , for each door and dovetail it with our door offer if that is what you need. It is fully priced, can come with its own project catalogue, as you see fit.

For Contractors

We are proud to create products to the highest safety standards and unbeatable functionalty. The installation process is a critical part of delivering those promises. That is why we provide complete support throughout the build process. This includes timely and clearly labelled delivery; installation, technical advise, master key planning and site visits from our qualified technicians.

For Door Providers

Our team members are fully qualified to support you on the most technical of projects you may have. Whatever the style, material, or function of the door, we can integrate our products to suit it. We can provide fully certified products, schedule all products for you with manufacturers guarantees from 10 to 25 years. We liaise with your production department and supply pe-morticed product and dispatch inn door sets to and synchronise with your delivery schedule. We can free issue or invoice to you as required. We partner with many door providers to offer the best of costs and incentives to enable you to win a door and hardware supply package.

For Clients & End Users

End users and service users can be assured that an investment in our hardware is a sound one. We are a market leader in quality and safety, with a wide range of certifications to prove it. Our products are designed for the full life cycle and covered by long-term warranties of up to 25 years. They will look beautiful and perform optimally for many years to come. We therefore offer an operation and maintenance manual covering care and cleaning of the products and cover any cyclical maintenance it requires. So whatever you need to procure/replace going forward, we have access to that information for you.